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The fictional God of speed Savitar told us “The strongest steel is forged by the fires of hell.” Maybe this period is your fire of hell, maybe it is an inconvenience or maybe just a boredom, either way, this is a time of stress for many and during times of stress and uncertainty, the team are looking to their leader for guidance.

At any time, research shows non-verbal skills to carry over 4 times the weight of words and in emotional times it is more heavily weighted. We need only look at our leaders through bushfire and the Coronavirus to see the challenges. Now is the time for you to take this opportunity to break the habits that undermine your confidence, clarity and connection through superb body language, vocal nuance and clear frameworks of engagement.

Undertake the world class Mahler Method at your own pace and in your own time! 

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The Mahler Method

The Mahler Method is Dr Louise Mahler's signature work thatĀ Ā demonstrates critical concepts designed to kickstart your pathway to excellence in presence and influence. This program includes:

Module 1- The Breath   

Do you speak on the breath in or on the breath out? In this module you'll learn the fundamentals of your breath, how it affects your voice and how you can use it to help you communicate more effectively.

Module 2- Eye Contact 

As the saying goes, 'the eyes are windows to the soul' and they tell your audience more than you might think. In this module you'll learn to take control of your eye contact so that it doesn't undermine your message and elevates connection with your audience.

Module 3- Gestures 

Gestures work hand in hand with the voice to reinforce key messages. They give congruence to your your conviction. In this module you'll learn how to be deliberate and intentional with your gestures in moments that matter.    

Module 4- Making an Entrance 

How well do you own your room? Having a presence in a room is one thing, but first impressions count when entering the room. In this module you'll learn how to command attention through your presence right from the get-go and drive your message with your audience.

Module 5- Rest Position 

Have you heard the term 'resting bitch face'? Well, yes it's a real thing, along with other resting faces! In this module you'll learn about the power of a resting face to create a powerful presence, even when you're not talking!

Module 6- Touch, Turn, Talk

Powerful presenters connect with an audience with warmth. They use subtle physical ways to acknowledge and include others. In this module you'll learn how to help people feel valued in your audience which in turn makes the rest of your audience feel valued and heard.

Module 7- Creative Link

Have you every noticed that people can sidetrack your discussion with your audience and you have to find a way to bring it back on track? In this module you'll learn how to create a 'creative link' to maintain control, even when you have to steer the conversation back on track.

Module 8- Difficult Situations

Leaders inevitably face times where you have to be in the firing line, thinking on your feet or delivering bad news. In this module you'll learn how to prevent it from becoming messy and awkward to delivering with empathy and professionalism.

Module 9- Giving Feedback

Every leader needs to give feedback at some stage. Doing it eloquently is both a science and an art. In this module you'll learn how give direct and honest feedback with grace and ease.

Module 10- Spacial Proximity

Great communicators are aware of their presence, especially their space and the space of those around them. In this module you'll discover the impact of space, energy and your impact as a leader and how to deliver powerful messages.

Module 11- Rule of Three

Have you ever noticed that great communicators are incredibly succinct? In this module you'll learn a powerful technique called the 'rule of three'. You'll reduce the waffle and slice through your key points with confidence and conviction. Great if you have a live media interview coming up!

Module 12- Daily Practice  

Achieving mastery doesn't mean it now becomes easy. Even the best communicators in the world know they have to practice, and not just once but every day. In this module you'll learn the specific techniques  to continue to develop your Mahler Method skills every day!


Bonus Programs

Fabulous extra resources to help you to elevate your confidence, influence and presence

Applied Confidence

Applied Confidence is Dr Louise Mahler's practical leadership communication program comprising over 14 modules and 50 videos on how to apply her unique methodology into every day situations. Explore practical topics such as interview skills, presentation skills, how to do a TED Talk and how to practice.

Stepping Up

Stepping Up is a leadership communication program comprising over 26 modules that are key to effectively connecting with your audience, especially in a digital world. Explore topics such as  resilience, how to stop boring your audience to death and managing performance anxiety.

Presence, Influence and Finding Your Voice

Presence, Influence and Finding Your Voice is a recording of a 2 day workshop Dr Louise Mahler delivery for a team. With 8 modules, you'll feel like you're right in the training room and learn how to elevate your presence in the workplace as a leader.

Lifetime Access to All Dr Louise's Programs

Take your leadership communication to the next level!

  • The Mahler Method (valued at $5000)
  • Stepping up (valued at $1000)
  • Presence, Influence and Finding Your Voice (valued at $3000)
  • Bonus 1 hour coaching session with Dr Louise Mahler (valued at $2000)

Total Value: $11,000

Investment: $4997+GST 

"Dr Mahler is an incredibly skilled trainer and coach who was able to observe, and provide strategies to correct physical and verbal mannerisms, to not only help overcome my presentation jitters, but add punch to my presentations. I look forward to attending more of her workshops in the near future."

Tony Mitrevski
Senior Business Analyst at National Australia Bank

"I took part in Louise Mahler's 2 Day 'Presence, Influence and Finding Your Voice Workshop' in August this year, 2017. Found it on this platform, LinkedIn. The workshop was interactive, challenging, fun and most of all, extremely powerful. Louise has truly mastered the art of non-verbal communication and has the ability to teach this to others. Since the workshop, I have been very mindful of my own non-verbal communication and am noticing the difference. My only regret is that I did not find Louise 10 years ago!"

Elizabeth Sigston
Head and Neck Surgeon, Cancer Researcher, Entrepreneur

"I've had the privilege to listen to and participate in one of Louise's many sought-out workshops focused on "vocal intelligence" and body language, and how skills developed here can impact positively with effective communication and outcomes as a leader. She is gracious and generous with plenty of her thoughts and content via her website and (video) blogs, a Google search will help you locate her resources and contact. She is a wonderful speaker, effective facilitator, beautiful singer and a room-filling personality! Louise comes highly recommended to any organisation looking to develop their very best and senior leaders, to step up into areas of otherwise unobserved potential. Definitely one to watch!"

Sukesh Sukumaran
Head Of Strategy & New Business Development at Manukau Institute of Technology


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